Wednesday, August 26, 2009

today is friday!

yup, it's the last day of the work week for me. that makes tomorrow 'sarah saturday'! i'm going to the big red carpet grand opening of my building. it's going to be really boring. but hey, free drinks and it's catered by wokano! gotta find the teppan. cristal is supposed to tell me if she can go today.
so, i went and saw "inglourious basterds" on monday after work. it was freaking amazing! i just love tarantino. he actually made me get squeemish one time in this one. the dialogue and intertwining stories were great. he did bring back a "reservior dogs" style 'everyone dies' scene. i never get tired of that conundrum. brad pitt was great, as were all the other actors. i have to look up the one who played bridget van hammersmark. i've seen her in another movie i like and i can't place it. i'm pretty sure she was in "...the last crusade" too.

anyways, i'm off with a little sadness because brendan kelley hasn't written all week. my week is just a little grayer when he doesn't post. take care!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

can't stop the wait...

set your goals tonight! yup. let me say it again. set your goals tonight! tonight is the show of the summer. set your goals and four year strong. i cannot wait. it's going to be off the hook. do the kids say that anymore? anyways, i'm excited. set your goals put out the album of the summer, maybe year and i'm pumped. i'm going with baby sis and her friend. gonna be a blast!

what else is going on? as crappy as work is, it could be worse. moving along. big party here next thursday. i'm trying to get cristal to go with me. we'll see. that girl is an enigma.

god damn, this cd is so good! i cannot wait for tonight! peace!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

les paul died

the guy was a great american inventor and musician. i can't believe how much i owe to that guy and i know i've never even thought about it. i wrote a nice little blip about him on my band's myspace. just think about how much great music has come about just because of his inventions: the electric guitar and multi-track recording. it's mind boggling. anyways, i have two gibson les pauls that i love to death. i don't play anything else. so, i thought i'd put up pics of my girls:

this is grace, my gibson les paul custom. i love her.

and this is josie, my gibson les paul studio. i love her too.

well, i'm off to do some cleaning, eating, and hockey playing. happy thursday! and thank you les paul, wherever you are!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

to prove i'm worth two bits

not much to say, just wanted to put these pics up. i kind of have a real living room now.

this other pic shows off most of my book collection and also my most awesome "transformers 2" poster. sick! no? oh well, sad for your imagination.

later kids, i'm off to relaxation land. oh, i'd just like to say that doreen is a sweetheart. i should ask her out.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

"i've tried but can't find the hero"

i cannot stop listening to the new set your goals disc. it's completely weaved it's way into my being. i am singing lyrics and gibberish(i don't know all the words yet, but the melodies still stick) and humming guitar riffs constantly as i go about my day. an album hasn't done this to me in a long time. it's refreshing. these kids got what it takes. and now they are on kroq, so maybe everyone will love them now. i can't wait to see them on august twentieth with four year strong. that show is going to own!

okay, i'm off today and lazy as usual. i may play hockey, i may not. it depends on whether or not people are going. i need to clean up the place a tad and of course, i'm heading to the pool for a bit. i played cod way too late last night with pablo. tomorrow, i'm going to post some new pics if i don't get too lazy. my ikea castle is growing. okay, time for some fun and relaxation...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

lost in long beach

ick, i skipped work today. i don't think my boss is going to be happy. i just couldn't go. i called in last night, half cocked. i need the breather. i've been feeling completely beat up by work, so here i am, playing hooky.

so, one of my favorite movie's of all time is "lost in translation". the mad norwegian turned me onto it. and these days, i kind of feel like bill murray in that movie. i'm stuck. right now, i feel like i'm living in an empty hotel, the only guy at the pool. it's lonely out here in long beach. but i feel like i need to be away from my previous life. it's like being on permanent vacation, except you're hating every moment of it.

i don't know what the hell i'm trying to say. i've been trying to come up with a way to articulate this blog all week, but i'm failing terribly and there's nothing i can do, but end it.