Saturday, August 21, 2010

is it morning yet?

wow, i fell asleep on the couch again? now i'm wide awake at five in the a.m. i'm hoping a little writing and a few more beers will put me to sleep. i hate not being able to sleep. the girl was having the same problem. she's having problems sleeping without me. i don't know if this is awesome or annoying. i mean, we can't sleep together every night, so that's terrible that she's not sleeping right now. but it's cute, that she misses me to the point of not being able to sleep. at first, i wasn't able to sleep at all when she was over. now, i pass out like a sleeping lion. i love sleeping with this girl!

speaking of which, our third anniversary is next friday. not a big deal, i know, but we're taking a little day trip to riverside and staying the night at the mission inn. i've always wanted to stay there but never had someone to take. it's kind of expensive, but it's going to be all kinds of neat and fun times. even if, just for one night...

i'm looking forward to some days off this month and next. i'm taking tomorrow off for a game and to do some extra relaxing after working two weeks in a row. i'm taking next weekend off for the hell of it. then i'm taking the saturday of labor day weekend off for the mutt's skate that i'm not even sure is happening. and finally, the first weekend of october is vegas, baby, vegas. we all got swank rooms at the mgm signature. it's going to be ridiculous fun and the girl actually decided to go. i can't wait.

alrighty, let's see if sleep is an option at this point.