Wednesday, October 21, 2009

one more day of crappiness.

man, my boss has been in my store almost every day this week. his boss has sent him in to find the food cost problem. like i'm not doing anything. five full days of my area director. it's a good thing i like him, cuz this sucks being babysat. so, yeah, tomorrow, we do it one more time and move on, hopefully.

then, i have three days off, oh yeah! normal stuff for first two. but on saturday, i'm taking my nieces to aquarium of the pacific! yay! i've never been there, but i hope they like it. i love being an uncle.

okay, time for bed.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

i'm not performing, but this is stupid.

so, i got written up yesterday for not having my guest satisfaction scores where they are supposed to be. i'm not the only one, pretty much the whole region got one. it's pretty much the dumbest thing ever. to explain: we have a guest satisfaction hotline(like many businesses). people call in and grade us in a bunch of categories, on a scale of one to five. every four weeks is a judgement period. i've actually had the best score in my area two of the last three periods. the three major categories our superiors look at are, overall score, buffets stocked with food, and offered samples(what we call passing). passing is the brainchild of our newest ceo, so it's a really big deal. we are supposed to be at seventy-two percent in overall and seventy percent in passing. well, the overall happens every once in awhile, but the passing never happens with most stores. my average over the last three months is sixty-five percent in overall and fifty percent in passing. here's the ridiculous parts. we only get credit for scores of five. you could have all fours(a pretty good job if you ask me), and you would have zero percent for a score. you can call as many times you like(there's a contest), but your rating only counts once every six weeks. so, you have to be a calender wizard in order to get a call in every month that counts(this is what you try to get your regulars to do, ridiculous). this is why my score goes up and then down, month to month. for my performance to be judged this way is really annoying. corporate swears by the system and there is no arguing with any of them. and the stores that are actually hitting their marks, are all pretty much gaming and everyone knows it. what's that? basically, you have your employees, friends and family call in for you to jack your score up. if you're good with timing, you can get a lot of calls in without any real guest feedback. yeah, great, i won't do that. i'm really sick of the whole thing. i was so pissed i abandoned my spend less, drink less road last night. enough about crappy work.

hey, i got a rug for my room and my frame has arrived for the print going above my bed. it's going to look sweet. i'll take pictures.

two more days to relaxation.

kings and sharks tonight. let's go boys!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

i'm going to be totally self-involved here, moreso than usual

i cannot go to sleep. i haven't had a drink since vegas, last sunday, and i feel terrible. last night, i tossed and turned all night long and into the morning. i maybe slept two hours total. i felt terrible all day, had a bad day at work, ran around into exhaustion, got home, watched some television, went to bed and it's been an hour and i don't feel my lids falling one inch. what the hell? i should've just got drunk like i wanted to. what the hell do i do now? this self-betterment adventure is going to end quickly; i can already tell.

oh yes, vegas. i had a great time. more than usual even. came back with some money. almost broke even at gambling. got frustrated with the amount of money spent on food and alcohol. got stiffed by a friend. couldn't get in a fight, without doing something that would've cheapened it. had two miserable hangover days. met some cool people. was the life of the party pit. saw the greatest frozen fury game ever. got my ass beaten to a pulp at the hofbrauhaus. and had pretty much the greatest time you can have while running past the point of extreme exhaustion.

can't wait for next year.

oh, n.h.l. season starts today. go, kings, go!