Wednesday, August 3, 2011

had my first good night's sleep last night

okay, for those who don't know: drunks sleep better than anyone in the world. fact. i didn't always get a lot of sleep, but when i was down, i was down and out, removed from the world. hangovers hardly ever happened too, so drunken nights meant good days the following day; drink, sleep, repeat. it's amazing. i'm not trying to sell being a drunk or anything, just pointing out one of the few, but awesome perks. so, i have been having all sorts of trouble sleeping since i gave up drinking. mostly waking up a lot, or just not feeling rested the next day. last night was different. i only slept eight hours, but i didn't wake up once and i felt really good today. it was such a deep sleep, i had problems waking up actually.

i hope this doesn't mean i'll have hangovers when i drink again.

so much for being non-autobiographical. i'm thinking of something, i swear.

the girl is about to come over. weeee

man, this thing reads like a teenage girl's diary, minus the drinking stuff.