Friday, May 22, 2009

eastward, ho!

i'm leaving for chino in a bit here. i really do not want to go. not because i don't want to go there, but because i don't want to sit in traffic for an hour and a half. at least that's my estimate, it could be worse. ick....this is the worst time to be on the road. but my friends are twisting my arm. i guess some people miss me. we're gonna eat wings and go to see "terminator salvation", which i really can't wait for, to be honest.

cristal leaves tomorrow for the l.a. marathon, so i won't be seeing her until next week. we're getting along famously, so i think i'm pretty damn lucky these days. everybody pray i don't mess this one up.

me? after tonights adventure in the i.e., i'll be coming home and then tomorrow i'm off to huntington beach for a mutt's run. for those of you who don't know what that is, it's a pretty long skate from my friend dan's in huntington beach to mutt lynch's in newport beach, where we get really drunk and then skate back to dan's. it's pretty much the most dangerous thing i do in my life and this is only my third time. the first time i almost died. literally. i have no idea how i lived through that. the second time i did better, but i think i had one less schooner.

okay, i've been thinking of cool bands that anyone could get into. i listen to a lot of bands, and a lot of people would not check them out because sometimes, for some people, it's hard to get past the noise. so, i've come up with two bands everyone should check out and here we go:

marathon-these guys are pretty fast and pretty loud, they played post modern melodic hardcore. got that? the music is really good for the genre, but this is why you should check them out. the lyrics! they are the best lyrics out there, ever. so smart! think bad religion smart, and then imagine those lyrics ten times more creative. the subject matter is expansive and covers a lot of ground from pollution of the earth to pollution of the heart. it might be hard for you to get into at first, but if you give it a try and some time, you will see the genius of this band. too bad they broke up. they have a self-titled album out and an ep, which i strangely don't have.

whippersnapper-why these guys? a few reasons. first, my friend, aaron's mom likes them. so, maybe it would be easier for you to get into them. these guys played melodic pop punk, but like really melodic. these guys used four part vocal harmonies and layered lyrics and stuff. no one did it like them, except maybe some progressive metal bands. haha...anyways, the other great part about these guys is that they are one of the most positive bands ever to come out of the punk scene. they really pump you up and i don't mean in an angry hardcore sort of way, but moreso in a 'god, it feels great to be alive and i'm an amazing person sort of way'. too bad they broke up as well. they have three albums out. i recommend "the long walk" to start with, but the other two are almost as good.

okay, there's your music lesson for today. have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

down, not out

i have too many password god damnit!

okay, so work is a nightmare. my numbers suck and the restaurant is losing money again. ever since the dollar ninety-nine promotion started, i've been sinking like a rock with an anchor. what bugs me the most is that i can't find it. this is my specialty. i make money from nothing. and i can't even get ahold of what's wrong. i can't see it. neither can my boss. i'm going to be the last gm to lose a restaurant for christ's sake!

so, currently, i'm re-stimulating the brain. i'm listening to generic insight radio and about to open my birthday beer, an alaskan smoked porter two thousand-eight. and then i'm going to call 'my star', cristal.

i'm tired and i don't want to sleep. or maybe i'm sleeping and tired of living. either way, i'm exhausted and looking for an out.

damn, this tim barry song is great! i think i have a sample disc around here somewhere.

anyways, on with life, hope everyone is doing well.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


i had an amazing time with cristal today. i can't wait to see her again. we stayed out much longer than we were supposed to. it's a good thing i can be late. now, it's off to chino. weeeee....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"'til we don't have the strength to go"

my title has nothing to with this entry. or does it? it does if i'm writing about my impending thirty-fourth birthday. it's on sunday and i'm taking the weekend off to celebrate. although, i haven't made any plans. hmmm...i don't know what i really want to do. i had originally planned to go to vegas, but that busted as soon as i moved out on my own. on saturday, i have a date and i don't know if it's in the afternoon or at night. we kind of left it open ended. i want to go home on saturday and party all night, then pass out somewhere, and wake up and go have an awesome breakfast at cockadoodles. we have a game on sunday night, so i'm not really doing anything until after that. our game is a tad late, so we'll probably not do much after that, which sucks. we'll either go to angelos(early night) or t.g.i. fridays(later night). hell, we just might end up in a parking lot drinking miller lite. i guess my birthday doesn't mean much to me anymore, although it feels like it should. i guess if i have a good date and get to spend time with friends and family, i'll be alright.

now i'm off to work, have a life drunk day!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

oh yeah, mother's day!

the traditional feelings and happenings that go on with mother's day are such an afterthought to me. and it's a shame because i love my mom. she's great and we're great together. but it's not really about her for me, because mother's day is our biggest business day of the year. i'm an exceptionally successful and responsible businessman and restaurant proprietor and on mother's day, that's where my focus has to be. and that's how i got where i am. don't doubt, i still call mom when i get off work and we talk for awhile but i don't think i've ever done anything special for my mom on that day, ever since i became an adult. the great thing is she understands that. i just wonder if she ever gets disappointed by it. maybe i should just call her more throughout the year? i'm terrible at that too. we'll see, everything else in my life has been changeing, maybe that will too.

Monday, May 4, 2009

this is what winning is like?

haha, yeah, the fuzzy bunnies started off our first season in a new league with a win. it was actually a pretty lopsided win. i barely saw any shots. i wonder how good the other teams are in our division.

other than that, i've having a boring week. i'm avoiding the stress that comes with buying a couch. i really need one though, so i should be shopping sooner than later. sheesh....

mother's day is coming up. i'm a terrible son. my mom gets excited when i just call. that's how much i include her in my life. i have to make some time for mom. her birthday is on thursday too. what should i get her? hmmm....