Sunday, September 30, 2012

vegas, baby, vegas

the girl and i are in vegas having fun.  hooters is kind of gross, blood splatter stains all over our bathroom.  asked them to clean it, they did not.  won't be staying here again.  won some money at casino royale.  nice.  last night,  gotta make it count.  wish you were

Saturday, September 1, 2012

today, i'm terrible

i need birthday gift ideas!  ahhhhhhh....  i've got less than two weeks to find a gift for my girl.  i'm thinking of replacing her sunglasses that just got stolen, but damn that's expensive and we're saving for a house.  i already got her a kings stanley cup shirt for vegas, but i want to get her something nice.  plus, i need to find her some place to eat on her birthday, just for her and me.  we're going out with her friends and family next saturday to celebrate, but she wants to go out on her actual birthday.

this stuff should be easy by now, right?

hey, i just found out that good riddance is playing the chain reaction on october fifth!  it would be a dream to see them play a small club now that they are back together.  problem?  i already have tickets to see strung out at the house of blues across town on the same night.  what the hell?  they are label mates and friends, they should play the same show!!!!!  weak.  anyways, i guess we could see good riddance the next night in hollywood; it just sucks driving out there.  AND less than jake is playing h.o.b. on the ninth with the friggin' mad caddies!!!  all the best shows of the year in one week's time.  crazy!  all of this, AFTER we get back from vegas!!  there is a landslide of awesome coming; i can barely contain myself.  oh, and at the end of october, me and my love journey to florida for my founder's trip that i won by busting my ass all year.  it's at the waldorf astoria down there, so it should be amazing for us!

christmas comes early this year.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

the day has to end...

so, i had a great relaxing day today.  it's day two of my vacation and i love it.  i just downloaded the blogger app to my phone, so i can post stuff on the go or from bed.  it will be really good for my other blog.  time for bed; happy fourth of July everyone!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

crazy stuff abounds

so, i've started a NEW blog.  it is topic specific.  it's about my girlfriend and i trying to save and purchase a home within a year's time.  i'm not sure what i'm trying to achieve with the new blog, but i know it feels good to start a project of some sort.  only a year's time will tell if it actually helps anyone else out in this little world of ours.  i'm sure i will have little time for this blog, much like the past year, but i promise to give it a whirl.  if you can find the link to it somewhere here, go follow it.  oh man, i love the name i came up with in like two minutes:  "a race to rest my head"  how cool is that?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

internet prayer

this may seem like a trivial reason to write in my empty blog, but there it is.

please, oh please let the kings win tomorrow night!  i will most likely drink myself to death if it goes to game seven.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

changes are here

can't sleep. on vacation. didn't drink. a lot on my mind.

so, last week was terrible. it all started with a dui. then, they closed my restaurant. the dui was a nightmare, and it's not ending. i had no idea the consequences of getting a dui in california were so bad. they always say, "don't drink and drive" and act like it's the responsible thing to do. if they actually told you what happens when you get a dui, i bet there would be a ton less people drinking and driving. i know i'm never doing it again. luckily, one of the best defense attorneys in socal is a friend of mine, otherwise i'd be in the worst kind of hurt. closing the restaurant was the worst of the two. that was my baby. we've spent the last week gutting my baby and sending all of her parts off to a million different restaurants. i guess she lives on that way. i really took good care of her too. luckily a lot of my employees were able to get jobs at other stores in the company. but a lot weren't. i'm going to miss it so much. i'm getting one of the busier stores in the company now. i have to drive twenty-five minutes with no traffic to get there. i'll be alright i guess, just got to roll with the punches. just hope i don't roll into another one.