Sunday, March 29, 2009

what we take for granted.


my title is a bit presumptious. but i wonder how many people take for granted that they have sundays off from work/school/whatever. i took a vacation day and i'm really loving it. and despite the fact that there is no hockey or football on television, it's still pretty sweet. it's much better than having off my thursday or friday, like i normally do. the day just seems bigger and more relaxing. maybe because i have no agenda for today. but for those regular folk who have every sunday off, i wonder if they have an agenda on sundays. or do they get things done? i have tons of things to do on my days off, so it's nothing like having a sunday off to me. or so it seems. anyways, i'm going to enjoy my sunday off and i hope you do the same.

oh, thanks for the concern kate, but i get this cruddy sickness everytime i change restaurants. it has to do with changes in air quality and i haven't died yet. i'm doing much better today, although i have a few weeks of phlegm left to deal with. blegh....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

must go on...


holy crap, am i sick. it's nasty. i ache so much and my lungs are full of fluid. i can't believe i'm going to play hockey right now. sheesh...

so, the show last friday was incredibly awesome. all of the bands were amazing and my band was seriously rockin'. people were freaking out and rocking out. that's such a great feeling. i didn't even play that well, but no one really picked up on it. i imagine we'll be even better the next time we play.

well, okay, time to die.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

trouble in rockland


okay, last real deal sort of broke up and cancelled on my show that was set for tomorrow night. great. they were the headliner and the biggest draw. none of the bands want to play later either, including my own. this is not good. hopefully, they'll just let me end the show early. my band is going to have to stretch though. our set was going to run over anyways. man, i hope this works out okay. this isn't the only problem. i blew my voice halfway out last friday at rehersal, and it's still not fully back. i've been drinking tea and honey all week and i've avoided booze. i even tried to get more sleep, but that failed. this could end badly. i'm still excited to play with hit the switch. those guys rock!

work has been no good. it was really slow and my numbers sucked this week. this new promotion that starts on monday is going to kick ass though.

i was thinking of all sorts of things to talk about this week, but they have gone by the wayside.

less than a month and i move into my first place! weehee, woohoo!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

stalling the day...


i'm wasting time, doing not much of anything. okay, i did a little promoting of the rock show that's going down next friday. but that's it. i overslept because i was up way too late. i was supposed to get a haircut, mow the lawn and do some errands, but i think i'll just do errands.

did i mention i'm shutting down my record label? it's sad but true. it's a money sucker and i can't throw cash away anymore. it's going to be alive for promoting shows and whatnot, but no new releases for awhile. i'm debating whether or not i should even keep the p.o. box. i love my label, but it's really just a big failure. ewww, this is a lame way to leak the demise of up to zero. like anyone reads this besides kate and dorrie.

dude. punk u on aol radio is the best radio station ever! i've probably mentioned it before, but hot damn! they are playing all the best songs today. right now? new found glory's new song, "listen to your friends". this song is soooo good! i can't wait for the new album! and i didn't even buy the last one.

okay, enough stalling. i'm going to eat lunch and watch c.s.i. miami. and then and only then, will i venture out into the world.

rock @ 5:30
kings after that
maybe watch "rolemodels" after that
tiny bit of c.o.d.
pass out

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

i'm buying a new bed!


and it's going into my new place! that's right! today, i signed a lease agreement for my very first place ever! this is exciting. i move to long beach on april sixteenth. my apartment is six hundred and thirty-three square feet. can you say tiny? but that's okay, cuz that's all i need right now. it's right across the street from my restaurant and it's brand friggin' new! i mean so new that it isn't finished being built yet. the thing is super expensive, but the amenities are immense. imagine living in a las vegas hotel...yeah, that's pretty much what it's like. this includes a roof top oasis, complete with glass enclosure, lap style pool, the biggest jacuzzi you can imagine, bbq's and other whatnot luxury crap. i've spared no expense at getting my first place, so money is going to be tight, but i absolutely love it and cannot wait to move in.

go me.

Friday, March 6, 2009

the hardest blog ever!!!!

okay, so as i contemplate giving up my life and moving to a way too expensive loft in long beach, i thought it would be nice to do some light blogging. this came about a discussion last night with b and bear about our favorite ten movies of all time. now, this sounds really easy to do. but, trust me, it's not. i am a lister by nature. i have to be organized in everything; including my loves. if you are at my homepage reading this, you can see my list of top one hundred albums of all time. now that list is not definitive, but it's pretty accurate. okay, now do your top ten movies of all time. it's not so easy, is it? i mean the difference between taste and love will define you. how many comedies are in your top ten? how many dramas? how many sports movies? hahahaha...yeah, how many slasher flicks? it's crazy, i know. okay, here i go, with my heart in the wind and my balls tucked behind my legs.

10-"superbad"-dude, like can any movie be funnier than this? somehow this beat out "old school" AND "ghostbusters". i don't know. as far as things that make me laugh, this is at the top, with the exception of real life comedy. see higher choices.
9-"serentity"-yup, this is on here. it's such a slice of life from another time. it rules. i wish the t.v. series had not been cancelled. i love everything about this movie.
8-"slc punk"-why is this on the list? because it's only one of two movies that have made me cry in my life. yup, this old softy has only cried at two movies. and i'll tell you, when bob dies, it kills me every time.
7-"miracle"-holy crap! the only other movie that ever made me cry is next. yeah, i'm a hockey player and this is the ultimate treat for any american hockey player. yup!
6-"aliens"-this movie rules. i've been obsessed with it since i was twelve. it's never ending.
5-"big trouble in little china"-i don't think this would be on many people's lists, but it has to be on mine and it has to be high. jack burton floors me. everything about this movie is from the heart and from the bizarre. i don't know, i just love it to death.
4-"the empire strikes back"-yeah, just when you thought star wars wouldn't make the list, here we are. i mean the other holy trinity didn't make the list? this is the best of all nine. i want to watch it now!
3-"swingers"-really? you've never seen this? go own it. now. this is the second most quoted movie of all time. trust me. look it up. it's that good and that special.
2-"clerks"-as good as kevin smith is, this is still his best. i never tire of this movie or it's characters, who repeat in every kevin smith movie. most times i think "chasing amy" is a better movie, but this is the one that made the list, so suck on that.
1-::drumroll::"pulp fiction"-okay, anyone who knows me, knows this movie is my fav of all time and with good reason. it makes me laugh, think, ponder, quote, sing, and want to smoke all in one. no movie has had a bigger influence on my life than this one. tarantino is my hero just for this. i love all of his work and they could easily be on this list, but this one is sooooo special. i go nowhere without this movie in my heart.

and how would your list be? really. do you know how many great movies are not on this list? it's ridiculous. i could come up with another top ten and it still would be better than afi's top one hundred of all time. put it down!