Friday, July 31, 2009

holy jesus dude...

wow, i spent a lot of money today. got a ton of stuff for the homestead today. then i took my sisters and our lifelong friend out to dinner and a movie. dude, the bourbonzolla burger at rock bottom is pretty much the best friggin' burger i have ever had in my life. no joke. it's going to be on my menu soon enough. we explored the city a bit before dinner; i had to show them around, but i ended up getting some of my own exploring done as well. movie? we saw "the hangover" and holy jesus dude, it was great. i don't know why so many people didn't say so, but i'm saying so and it was great. that's going in the collection for sure. i feel like celebrating this great day. i needed it after yesterday.

what am i talk about? my r.v.p. tore me a new ahol. and he didn't do it quick with his teeth, he used his tongue and it took forever.(if you don't understand that metaphor i just came up with, god bless you and your life because you don't have to deal with b.s. like this) anyways, i was seriously jacked up after that. i drank 'til five in the a.m. watching terrible, terrible movies that people should be killed for making. serious. i had problems dealing with that altercation.

so, yeah, today made me feel soooooo much better. too bad it took a ton of money to feel great, but it did the trick. now tomorrow i get to accomplish some new apartment perks after building some ikea products. i've barely started and the homestead has freshened up a bit. so cool. you know what, my dialect has turned into valley boy rhythmns and i don't care.

i can't wait for tomorrow duder!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

here i am...

struggling with mediocrity in the workplace. my store has lost money the past four weeks and it is really annoying. we even had a good food cost this week and still lost money. ack...forget it, work sucks, so i'm not talking about it.

okay, today is about relaxation, apartment beautification, and a hockey game tonight. also, i'm going to pick up the new set your goals disc, which is amazing. i've already listened to it a bunch of times on myspace. alas, they took it down or i'd be listening to it right now. i'm going to hang my first picture today; it's a print of face to face show poster that i've had forever waiting to be hung in my first place. i'm also waiting on my exploding dog print that i ordered last week. it's an uber cool splash of red called "unstoppable" that is going over my bed. if you haven't seen sam brown's work yet, got check out right now and enjoy. all of his stuff is done from titles submitted by fans. how cool is that? i'm going to get a movie poster to put over my t.v. area. the choices there are immense, and i'm not sure what to pick. we'll see.

what else is going? knott's berry jerry, that's what. next saturday is going to be great. i've been charged with carne asada and salsa. i'm going to try and get cristal to go too, which will be an achievement in and of itself. i've got a good feeling though.

okay, off to start the day. a bit late, i know. what are days off for, if not to waste time?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

technology can be manipulated!

okay, so i finally pulled it off and got my phone to work with yahoo. yippee! so, i have a few pictures of the place to put up now. my phone started dying before i could send more, so this is just a taste.

the bed in the sort of bedroom area...

el bano grande...

this is my media whore collection. that thing on the wall is called a dvd wall decorator. mine is call of duty themed and has my online name on there. my friend makes them. they are great gift ideas. go to to get one. i'm getting disney princess ones for my nieces for christmas.

well, i hope this looks okay. i was playing around big time with where to put pics and words. hopefully, it's not a mess. i have the day off, so i need to get outside and live a bit. today's relaxation will be key to a great wednesday. then, it's three days off and a ton of hockey. i'm talking four games in four days, two back to back on sunday, with an on the pond thrown in there. phew.....i'm going to be one tired goalie. i hope everyone is having a great week.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

thinking of doing a wine blog

what the hell am i thinking? who would read a wine blog? especially, one by a wine novice like myself. i guess i just thought it would be fun.

anyways, i can't get more photos here yet. my phone is having difficulty dealing with yahoo and when i hook up with my att account, i can't access my email on the web. i'll try something else or just figure out how to interface my phone with my computer. that actually sounds easier, but i don't have the time to install software and play with it. maybe friday?

so, last night i got to go see rise against and rancid at the grand old forum in inglewood. both bands put on a great show. rise against did not play anything off of "revolutions per minute", which ticked me off a little, but all of their other songs are so great, you kind of forgive. funny thing is, halfway through rancid, we realized we were rocking out next to weeman. funny, rancid is playing as i type this on aol radio. haha...yeah weeman was really cool, posing with photos for people. i didn't bug him, just rocked out with him. he got mobbed after rancid ended, so he went to his vip thing, but it was cool he was down there with the hoods for a bit.

okay, i'm off to subway for dinner and then up to the pool to relax a bit. tomorrow, i open and then take off to chino. gonna get some stuff done for once, i swear.