Monday, July 25, 2011

one week down

still on the wagon here. amazing. i set a goal of sobering up until august twentieth. that's knott's berry jerry and there is no way i'm not drinking there. so, it's a pretty good goal. i'm situating just fine into my new life.

so, what else? work. work. work. i'm trying to get promoted to regional training manager. i'm pretty qualified and it requires some travel. everyone else that's qualified isn't interested in the second necessity. my buddy recommended me for the job, so i've got an in. but i don't think my own boss is pushing for me to get the job like he says he is. damn politics. i really need it, so bored with my current position.

so, i've been writing a ton about me. i want to try and write some stuff that is not so autobiographical soon. let's see if i remember how. coming soon...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

waking up on day four...

i had some weird sweaty stuff going on, that ended today. still had problems sleeping. other than that, nothing feels really different. i'm finding myself seriously bored though. thus, with the blogging.

actually, right now, i'm going to look at homes on the web, to keep myself inspired.

today, part one

google is retarded. every time i try an comment on a blog, it boots me out, takes me to login screen, i login, goes back to comment page with a capture, i do capture and it boots me out again. i can't even comment on my own blog? wth? part two to come...

Monday, July 18, 2011

day one...

today was the first day of my new life. i gave up drinking as a way of living. this is the hardest thing ever. and i'm not doing it for any really noble reason. i want to save money for a house, and this is going to help me save a ton of money. so, if anyone wants to buy me a round, it'll be much appreciated. the girl is happy with the decision. she thinks i'll lose weight and be more healthy. so, this decision has perks, i guess.

i'm wondering how this will work out. i started feeling really weird tonight, very off. i usually drink most nights, but on the rare night i didn't, i never felt like this. is there such a thing as alcohol withdrawals? how bad is it? i guess i'm going to find out soon.

wish me luck!