Thursday, April 30, 2009


i have to get up in like four and a half hours and i'm exhausted. however, i haven't had internet for an eon, so i'm catching up. so, i thought i'd stop by and say hi. hi. i'm moved into my loft in long beach and it's great. except i don't have a place to sit yet. i need a couch. and a lot of other things. we'll see when that happens. it's beautiful here at least. and i met someone. how cute. i'm going to bed.

Friday, April 10, 2009



i'm stalling and wasting time. i'm such an idiot. oh well, i need to refresh.

lately, i've been reading mr. kelly's blog and i realized that he tells a lot of old stories. and that is the main reason i read his blog. so, i thought i should tell an old, entertaining story about me because everyone could use a good quez story.

so, i get a little crazy in vegas. who doesn't? i have a million crazy vegas stories. they say what happens in vegas, stays in vegas, but how fun is that? but i'm going to tell a stupid vegas story. well, not stupid, moreso how did that happen sort of thing. i drop lots of money in vegas. thousands sometimes. i've gotten into all sorts of problems because of it. i also win big in vegas every so often. i lose more than i win for sure, but those times when you take thousands of extra cash home is an amazing feeling. i'm good at playing twenty-one. good enough to hold my own and take advantage of my opportunities. which is what you have to do because it's almost all luck, but you can take advantage of luck if you know what you're doing. and i know what i'm doing. so, this particular story takes place at the excalibur. the previous night, i had dropped a thousand or so there. but on this night, i was up like four thousand dollars. i was on the hottest streak of my life. me and my friends were having a blast and were pretty damn drunk. but it's all good when you're winning. and then the most amazing thing happened. i mean movie like amazing. the casino did something you only hear about in legends. they brought in a 'cooler'. if you don't know what a 'cooler' is, they are the dealers that the casino brings in to shut down hot players. don't ask me how they do it, but they are very good at what they do. i know, you're thinking, "it wasn't a cooler. you just went cold." nope, this guy wasn't on the floor all night. they brought him in just for me. this cooler's name was jackie. he was a seriously high energy guy and was pretty damn funny. he walks up and is our best friend. jackie goes to work and is chatting it up with us. we start losing right away, but i'm not betting big, so i'm alright hanging out, laughing, and having a good time. then the pit boss walks by and grabs a stack of my chips and puts them out as my bet! he says, "that's not a bet, this is a bet." well, i feel challenged, like oh well i can handle this five hundred dollar bet. i pushed. so, i leave the bet out there. and i lose. well, jackie looks at me, aims his thumbs at his mouth like dicks and shouts "BONG!" and this is how it went the rest of the night as jackie proceeded to take all of my money. now, if i had been sober, i might have gotten up after that first 'bong' but i was drunk. and when you're drunk, you get big balls and think you can do anything. but trust me friends, no one can beat a cooler. and right after me and my friends left the table, jackie went home. just like that. my friends tell this story all the time. and that's how i lost four g's and saw a myth come to life.

next posts will be moving stories about moving.

oh, the new strung out is amazing. well, it's not really new, it's all their b-sides and rarities, but those are some of strung out's best songs.

Friday, April 3, 2009

new new new


everything is new. well, not everything, but i'm sprucing things up a bit. i'll be in my new place in two weeks, with lot's of new stuff. i just got my new phone the other day and it is amazing. not only is it super techy-functional, but it is also dead sexy. and in a bit, i'm going to get some new music! oh yeah. the strung out b-sides album came out this week. i can't wait. plus, new new found glory. i love their new song, "listen to your friends".

okay, enough about me. let's talk about laundry. that's pretty much what i'm doing today. lot's and lot's of laundry. next week, i'll be packing packing packing. yay!

alrighty, i hope everyone has a good weekend.