Sunday, September 30, 2012

vegas, baby, vegas

the girl and i are in vegas having fun.  hooters is kind of gross, blood splatter stains all over our bathroom.  asked them to clean it, they did not.  won't be staying here again.  won some money at casino royale.  nice.  last night,  gotta make it count.  wish you were

Saturday, September 1, 2012

today, i'm terrible

i need birthday gift ideas!  ahhhhhhh....  i've got less than two weeks to find a gift for my girl.  i'm thinking of replacing her sunglasses that just got stolen, but damn that's expensive and we're saving for a house.  i already got her a kings stanley cup shirt for vegas, but i want to get her something nice.  plus, i need to find her some place to eat on her birthday, just for her and me.  we're going out with her friends and family next saturday to celebrate, but she wants to go out on her actual birthday.

this stuff should be easy by now, right?

hey, i just found out that good riddance is playing the chain reaction on october fifth!  it would be a dream to see them play a small club now that they are back together.  problem?  i already have tickets to see strung out at the house of blues across town on the same night.  what the hell?  they are label mates and friends, they should play the same show!!!!!  weak.  anyways, i guess we could see good riddance the next night in hollywood; it just sucks driving out there.  AND less than jake is playing h.o.b. on the ninth with the friggin' mad caddies!!!  all the best shows of the year in one week's time.  crazy!  all of this, AFTER we get back from vegas!!  there is a landslide of awesome coming; i can barely contain myself.  oh, and at the end of october, me and my love journey to florida for my founder's trip that i won by busting my ass all year.  it's at the waldorf astoria down there, so it should be amazing for us!

christmas comes early this year.