Thursday, January 29, 2009

america's favorite pastime


okay, so last wednesday i was driving to work and rocking out in my truck. i changed my cd changer a few days earlier and put in my favorite uplifting, melodic, hardcore, punk discs in the thing. well, not my favorite discs, but my favorite bands: strung out, staring back, set your goals, thrice, a wilhelm scream and WHIPPERSNAPPER. okay, i love whippersnapper, but sometimes i forget how much. and i always forget how much i love their first album, "america's favorite pastime". so, that's what i was listening to when i drove up azusa ave. and pulled into work. i was singing my ass off and for those of you who don't know the whipp, they are extremely positive and melodic and the music just makes me feel extremely good and confident. so, i went into work feeling really good about my state in life. that night, they offered me long beach and it has been hell ever since.

this week has been a rollercoaster, both mentally and physically. i've been my usual walking contradiction self. i've never felt better about myself, proud and confident, but at the same time i'm dreading every minute as i'm the one who hates change.

my store is the most beautiful nightmare ever. that's my best way of describing it and i might get around to talking about my store and my life there, but not right now. my life is in upheaval because of this. long beach is an hour drive from my house without traffic. i've been staying at dan's whenever possible, as that's only a half hour away. i've had no time to do anything. it's ridiculous. i only have two pairs of pants and i hate going to buy clothes! my schedule is all messed up, even though i'm taking super bowl sunday off! woohoo! i have so much to do today and here i am blogging! eesh!..

today is my first day off in a week. in about three hours, i'm off to see the kings play the hawks with most of my good friends. i played cod last night until six a.m. this moring. that was nuts! me and cobra even played number four for about four hours. can you believe my nerdy self?

so, i'm staying at dan's about four or five nights a week for a while. it's kind of like moving out on my own for the first time, but not really. i'm treating dan's more like an extended stay hotel. i'm not moving anything in there, just stuff for living. i'll mostly be sleeping there. then i'll be coming home on my off days. this is a whole other different feeling for me. i still can't afford to move out or buy a place of my own. maybe someday, i'll get there. maybe someday....hmmm...good name for a song.

oh, and christ! the show i'm booking is off the hook! twice defeated is playing with hit the switch, pour habit, and trial by fury! hts and ph are huge here in socal. hit the switch is from chino too, but they're on nitro records. i can't wait for this show. it's going to make me feel soooooo good.

on a last note. i sometimes forget how good the suicide machines are, and i think i should listen to their cd's more often. and so should you. okay, enough wasting time and typing skills.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

i'm one promoted foolio!


okay, you are now reading the blog of the general manager of hometown buffet, long beach, california. this is crazy! like, how did it take this long? and now, just like that, it's happened. i'm celebrating with fat tire and tomorrow, i go to ski at mountain high. woooooooo....!!!!! go me. more details to follow. let's celebrate!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

reviews, previews, and interviews...


okay, here i am, at the beginning of a new year, looking back at last year and gearing up for oh nine. last year was a pretty boring year for me. basically, everything in my life went nowhere. hmmm...that's kind of lame i guess. i should be thankful that nothing bad happened. this year is already shaping up to be something special. i have a gm interview on tuesday for the long beach store. it's not the ideal store for me but it'll get my foot in the door. i have a real good shot at getting it too, so, go me. my band has a good show in march. my hockey team is switching leagues after sunday. and i'm going after meat sauce with a vengence.(you're looking for a decoder, i know)

you know the saying, "everyday is a new day"? well, get this. yesterday actually felt like a new day to me. everything went my way. i was walking around like i was on top of the world. it was amazing. i found the last copy of "pineapple express" at best buy. the clerk said they had been sold out for days and he couldn't believe i found it. amazing. then, i get to bevmo and they appear to be out of monster assault. so, i move the front cans around, and what do i find all the way in the back? monster assault. amazing. these things don't seem like much, but they never, ever happen to me. again, amazing.

okay, year end lists. i'm only doing one for music, because i can't remember what movie i saw. this year seems kind of like a lame duck year for music. usually, i have trouble widdling my list down, but this year i'm struggling to find bands to put on it. here you go!

1-The Gaslight Anthem - "The '59 Sound"
Doesn't get any better than this album. I could listen to it forever. And in fact, I'm going to play it right now.
2-Funeral for a Friend - "Memory and Humanity"
This totally makes up for their 'concept' album. It rocks harder than anything else that came out this year, but still manages to be beautiful.
3-Rise Against - "Appeal to Reason"
Why do punkers knock these guys? They still sound the same to me and they still write great anthems.
4-Thrice - "The Alchemy Index: Vol 4, Earth"
The first of many great E.P.s on this list. Dude, how come the other volumes weren't this good? I think Dustin just feels better in the Earth.
5-The Loved Ones - "Build and Burn"
I haven't seen this one on many lists. But I love it. It took a bit of time for the whole thing to grow on me, but it did. It rocks and is great to sing along to.
6-Alkaline Trio - "Agony and Ivory"
Again, why are fans turning against these guys? I love this album. It's much better than their last one and hooks you easily.
7-The Gaslight Anthem - "Senor and the Queen EP"
Uh, yeah, this could make the list just for "Say I Won't(Recognize)" alone.
8-Bayside - "Shudder"
Yup, another band with a comeback album. Not that their last one was crap, this is just that much better and is great throughout the whole thing.
9-Tomas Gabel - "Heart Burns"
Yes, another great E.P.! I love Tomas. He rules!
10-No Use for a Name - "The Feel Good Record of the Year"
Is this album great? Probably not. But it's a Hell of a lot better than their last disc.

okay, that's my list. a lot of bands came back with discs that made previous efforts seem week, which is a good thing. only less than jake was a disappointment this year. other than that, i'm looking forward to this year's releases: strung out, a wilhelm scream, mad caddies, green day, karate high school, etc...i already heard a new a wilhelm scream song. it's called "The I Hate_____Club" and it rocks hard! they are going to impress with this one. the song is on my myspace page, so you should check it out.

okay, i'm done babbling on my first saturday off in a long time. i've got to get ready to go to the kings game. we have bad seats, but they're playing the devils, so it should be good. we're going to try and get to the tailgate party, if it's not sold out. the briggs are playing, which would be really cool to see.

Monday, January 5, 2009

this one's for boo!


okay, boo wants to know the playlist for the 2008 Holiday Commute Mix. So, here it is!

1-thrice-"the lion and the wolf"
2-bayside-"i can't go on"
3-the gaslight anthem-"miles davis & the cool"
4-the gaslight anthem-"drive"
5-the flatliners-"eulogy"
6-rise against-"the dirt whispered"
7-funeral for a friend-"kicking and screaming"
8-blueline medic-"precious things"(tori amos cover)
9-jimmy eat world-"sunday"
10-thrice-"digging my own grave"
11-marathon-"gravity's temptation"
12-alkaline trio-"do you wanna know?"
13-eyes set to kill-"young bloods spills tonight"
14-catch the fallen-"set the night on fire"
15-emery-"holding out for a hero"(bonnie taylor cover)
16-ignite-"burned up"
18-fall out boy-"chicago is so two years ago"
20-the movielife-"spanaway"
21-gob-"wake up"
22-dead to me-"ran that scam"
23-marathon-"where we hide"

songs that didn't get on the disc, but were supposed to:
-funeral for a friend-"beneath the burning tree"
-the loved ones-"i swear"

not too bad. until next year!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

okay, totally new year, i guess...


here i am. it's a new year, just about an hour ago, and i'm spending time trying to figure out a way to blog without journalspace. i don't know what to do. so, here i am on a minimilistic blogspot adventure and i decide to feed the damn thing to my homepage. my homepage rocks! it's all sorts of pretty. but this isn't going to look like much on there to start. i have to figure out how to do everything. i'm just starting, much like the new year. i was reading what everyone was doing at donnie's and i decided i didn't want to join another community. so, techinically, i joined blogspot, but i will be sprucing it up at my homepage, where people are actually supposed to go to read it. dig? i'll be happier on my own, i guess. i was never such a community member there anyways. i'll miss kate and paul, but that's about it.

okay, i have lists to post later, but right now! this moment! cool things about the new year:
z is super friendly tonight
punk u on aol radio is playing all the right songs tonight/this morning
it's a new year
i'm going to gm review board later this month
i'm going to big bear tomorrow to party for a few days with my best friends

okay, we'll see how this goes and find out if i can blog for real.

no more journal is just sad, still.

it's a new year, gotta do something new, no?

night world!

testing fool

f this, journalspace is dead!