Thursday, June 25, 2009

testing, what?

okay, i'm exhausted and i have things to do. but i'm going to test this picture thing and see if it works, just to see if it's worth the effort of sending pics from my phone to my computer, via email and whatnot. okay?

Monday, June 15, 2009


okay, i've been absent for a bit now, and i'm going to be absent for a bit more. i'm off to minnesota for a couple of days of buffets business. about a week after i get back, i'll have some days off, so i'll post more then and catch up with peeps. late!

Friday, June 5, 2009

zombies everywhere. zombies everywhere.

wow, am i spent or what. all that lack of sleep has caught up with me. i just woke up from three and a half hour nap and i don't feel one bit refreshed. damn! it's all that call of duty and sleeping on the couch. it drains you physically and mentally. it's almost the same as work, speaking of which, i have the next two days without! did that sentence make sense?

okay, so i'm taking pictures of the place tomorrow, so i have something to show mom, and i will attempt to post some on here, a la kate's request. it'll be cooler later, but this will do.

alright, it's friday night and i'm home alone. cristal is doing some family thing. so, guess what i'm doing? guess. that's right, i'm going to drain myself physically and mentally.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

feeling like myself again?

so, what's better: fresh or reheated coffee? obviously, fresh is better, but two day old coffee has some virtue to it that fresh does not have. first off, there is a metaphorical boost, being that your coffee is getting a second chance to start your day right. we all need second chances right? so, you have to root for the two day old off the bat. secondly, two day old coffee has a different taste, slightly. it just seems more powerful, like sitting around and stewing for a few days brings out some darker flavors. okay, to sum up: fresh, piping hot coffee is better, but two day old coffee has a certain romantic draw to it. just make a big pot of coffee and you'll end up doing both.

alrighty, i'm done with that topic for so many reasons. check me out, the loft is progressing nicely. my couch now has throw pillows and there are rugs in the bathroom. go me! this weekend, i'm picking up a coffee table from my mom and probably some other odds and ends. then i'll just need to get a kitchen table and i'll be set for a bit. i still need a night stand, some book shelves, and some other seating type things, but those can wait a bit. i also need to decorate the walls, which will be the fun, yet expensive part. i'm thinking of doing my own stuff, take back the artist in me. sounds good, no?

okay, off to work i go.