Thursday, September 24, 2009

bye bye birdie!

i'm off to chino for a day, then it's off to vegas. i have a room mate now though. dru broke up with his fiance, so he's staying with me in vegas. should be interesting, possibly deadly. that dude can't handle his liqour, so i'm sure i'll be having to keep tabs on him constantly. crap i can barely keep tabs on myself in vegas. that dude is screwed! he seriously bummed too. i hope he has better sense than to bring a bunch of hookers to the room. okay, i'm scared a bit here. i've got a broken-hearted, lightweight in my room. things could go very bad.

alright, enough stalling the day. i'm gonna leave you with some lyrics(i'm pretty sure they're right) from my new favorite strung out song, "andy warhol".

"don't regret what you've never tried
sing what's left inside
nothing really matters, you've got nothing left to lose
look to me for something to believe
you can't write a song if you've never lost and you feel you've truly loved
you can't start a fire burning the rain
so, light a fire, leave it all behind, hit the road and lose your mind
find out what it is you really need
cuz we all play a part in history
and we all end up just a memory"

Monday, September 21, 2009

i'm smiling, eh...


strung out put their new album up on myspace to preview. it's friggin' brilliant. i may just be blown away. it comes out next tuesday. i presale ordered mine. it comes with a magnificient brass astrolux key chain. i cannot wait. i can tell my labtop is not doing this thing true justice. funny, this spell check thing says i spelled tuesday and magnificient wrong. and i'm pretty darn sure i didn't. oh well.

check this out. i got a new neighbor. well, i got a few, but this one actually moved in down the hall. and guess what else? we went to high school together. crazy! we don't remember each other, which is weird since we had a class of two hundred something, but whatever. he was a goth kid, i was a metal kid, so we may have avoided each other. anyways, he's a pretty cool dude and has some cool friends. his wife or girlfriend seemed nice too. a couple of chino boys in the lbc! what are the odds?

okay, so, two more days of work, then it's off to vacation. vegas, baby, vegas! frozen fury twelve and oh, the hofbrauhaus! this is my favorite time of year, next to christmas, and i'm foaming at the mouth to get away!

hmmm...i'm serioulsy strung out on anticipation.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

you know what's fucked up?

going to a concert that makes you feel like a kid again and then having to go to work the next day. it's so not fair. it just makes you feel like shit. haha...woooo, enjoying life? ::brick to the head:: how do you feel now? maybe i should look at it the other way around, but i don't want to, so i don't have to. hey, when you're young, you get to throw tantrums and it's OK!!!

anyways, to tell the actual story; me and my bandmates went to see the aquabats and assorted jelly beans last night. ska always makes me feel young and energized, even if it is silly. but the aquabats make me feel like i've reclaimed the youth i lost at such an early age. and i feel great. it's a treat. and here's what's crazy. those guys get to jump around stage in superhero costumes, playing great music and fighting evil. and they are older than me! and the cool thing about being in that band, is you can go back anytime. last night, chainsaw came back on guitar and catboy came back on trumpet. crazy! i don't know how those guys do it. they are really technically sound too. plus! they fought powdered milk man last night. they played a lot of their most awesome catalog, including: "the cat with two heads", "super rad", "powdered milk man", "pool party", "look at me(i'm a winner)", "magic chicken"(they never play this anymore), and "cd repoman". i had an awesome time and so did my best friends.

oh, and after a five year or so hiatus, assorted jelly beans is back! they played really well. they didn't play a lot of my favorites, but they did have a lot of energy and i hope they stick around for awhile longer. there is no band like ajb.

also, between bands and whatnot, me and my best friends worked out some band stuff over beers. maybe now we can move forward.

oh hey, i also got to see my nieces yesterday for a short time. we played on a swingset. it was fun.

okay, now onto a late night dinner and movie.