Thursday, February 26, 2009

"death, you are my bitch lover!"


okay, disturbing. i've had a lot of crazy dreams in my life. some were weird and others were strange. i have dreams come true, like deja vu, but more concrete. i've done a million off the wall things in my dreams, some even deviant, but last night was scary. i actually killed people in my dream. read that again. i killed people. and i have the feeling inside me that i killed people. it's a sick feeling. i don't like it. i can't remember the details of the dream, but i distinctly remember breaking someone's neck and slitting the throat of another person. the former done in front of somebody. i don't know if i was angry or scared doing it, i just know i did it. and i felt guilty. i'm seriously creeped out. i need a hug.

Friday, February 20, 2009

"the butt of your sick joke into this ashtray life"


wow, it's been a week already? my life is a blur. need to slow down.

funeral for a friend was awesome. it was strange that the glass house was only half full though. they played almost all my favorite songs. what did they skip? "beneath the burning tree" and "kicking and screaming", my two favorite songs off the new disc. oh well, they sounded amazing.

my rock show is finished and booked. hit the switch, twice defeated, last real deal, and trial by fury on friday, march twentieth @ friar tucks in pomona, ca. it's going to be awesome. we have rehersal today after about a month off. yikes! we have work to do. but like, the good kind of work.

work is hell. i had a bad visit with the senior vp on tuesday. it didn't go well. i felt so bad i had to come home on tuesday. living out of a suitcase is wearing me down. my area director said i should just stay at home and deal with the hour long commute. he might be right.

okay, something positive. oh, i got my new glove!!!! it's soooooo pretty. i did a good job designing the color scheme. it feels soooooo goooooood! i played with it yesterday. i didn't get many opportunities to use it, but it did it's job. it might take a while to break it in though. i'll keep working on it.

okay, that's all for this friday. i'm going to start taking my labtop to dan's place, so i won't be so bored. maybe i'll blog more. or maybe i'll spare the world. enjoy your weekend!

Friday, February 13, 2009

manic partay fun!


so, last night, i went to the kings game with a bunch of people from the manic element message board. except for the beatdown of the kings, it was fun. davey and christal were there, but the cool part was that chris(ollie) from calgary was there. he was here in socal with his family on a vacation they won. pretty cool. he's a good guy. we talked hockey and various other cool stuff. i was a bit drunk. i hope i wasn't an ass.

tonight, i'm taking baby sis to see funeral for a friend. this is going to be great! i've never seen them in a big show setting, just a short set at warped. hopefully, they'll play all my favorite songs. :)

okay, brendan kelly has gotten sidetracked. he's been blogging about all the jobs he's had in his life and he's now gotten to the point were slapstick started. but he's kind of stopped and started blogging about felching and shitting again. weird. i want the cool stories about slapstick and the lawrence arms! dang.

okay, to do list for today:
hair cut
mow lawn
play cod
rock out

goodbye days off, :(

Thursday, February 12, 2009

and so, it has begun, anticipation...


at the end of march, it's time to get a new phone! oh, the agony! this is going to be my third cell ever, and i'm dreading the decision. my first two phones were perfect picks and i loved them to death. this time, i'm going all out, with a touchscreen, p.d.a., put my whole life in there phone. the choices for verizon are pretty decent, but neither one is an lg, my favorite style of phone. so, i've got it down to a motorola krave, a blackberry storm, or a samsung omnia. i think the omnia is winning. it's more like a computer and seems more personalizable, if that makes any sense. it's pretty looking too. i almost got a samsung last time, so this isn't unprecedented in my purchasing thought process. the thing also has a five point oh megapixel camera, which dominates the scene. i'm surprised i'd never heard of this thing, up until today when i was on verizon's site. from here, it's on to reviews and a search to see if anything new and shiny is coming out around the time of my new every two opportunity pops up. wee....

okay, tomorrow i'll talk about something other than phones.