Thursday, January 26, 2012

changes are here

can't sleep. on vacation. didn't drink. a lot on my mind.

so, last week was terrible. it all started with a dui. then, they closed my restaurant. the dui was a nightmare, and it's not ending. i had no idea the consequences of getting a dui in california were so bad. they always say, "don't drink and drive" and act like it's the responsible thing to do. if they actually told you what happens when you get a dui, i bet there would be a ton less people drinking and driving. i know i'm never doing it again. luckily, one of the best defense attorneys in socal is a friend of mine, otherwise i'd be in the worst kind of hurt. closing the restaurant was the worst of the two. that was my baby. we've spent the last week gutting my baby and sending all of her parts off to a million different restaurants. i guess she lives on that way. i really took good care of her too. luckily a lot of my employees were able to get jobs at other stores in the company. but a lot weren't. i'm going to miss it so much. i'm getting one of the busier stores in the company now. i have to drive twenty-five minutes with no traffic to get there. i'll be alright i guess, just got to roll with the punches. just hope i don't roll into another one.

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